Separation Anxiety

by Eight Of Nine

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Separation Anxiety was written quickly after Broken Kids, Broken Hearts, and Broken Homes. Some of the songs were being demo'd as Broken Kids was being finished up. This is a much better reflection of what Eight Of Nine is all about, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Oh, and if you download the whole album, there are some special bonus tracks. Get on that


released March 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Eight Of Nine Arizona

Alternative rock from Arizona.
Jake Hatcher: guitar/vocals
Noah Nason: bass/vocals
Sam Etling: Drums.
Broken Kids, Broken Hearts, And Broken Homes and Separation Anxiety were written and recorded by Jake Hatcher. Future releases will be recorded by the full band.
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Track Name: A Shot In The Dark
I am the ghost still haunting this place
But you still don't remember my face
You walk right past me, you see right through me
But you still don't remember my name

I’ve been here for years but you still don’t know I’m here
Too awkward to make a sound, too nervous to stand my ground

I’m not what I want, what I wanted to be
I’m nothing special, I’m barely something
I spent my whole life in the corner
Telling myself “it only gets better”

What has to change for me to be content with myself for once in my life?
Track Name: What Happens at Canyon View
Hop in the car
It’s time to go
150 miles til I get home
I just need to see your face right now
I need to by your side somehow

Eight miles left til I get to your house
I really need to see you now
And hold you listening to Grandview songs
I’m sick of always being here then gone

If I had known what I now k now
I would have held you tighter and never let go
Please come here, don’t make me be alone
Please come here, make this house a home
Track Name: A Tragedy Away
Im sorry I couldn't do anything
I guess I'm the one who should take on the blame

I'm sorry he was taken away too soon
And I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you

When you need me please know that I
Am only a tragedy away to come save the day

I’m so sorry
I couldn’t be there
And I screwed up
Every time
I didn’t call you
On my only
Chance to see you
It’s too late and now

The doctors have said his hearts stopped beating
And now I'm barely breathing
It's okay, he's in a better place
Where he won't feel anymore pain
Track Name: Cashed In Dreams
 "Go to school, get a real rob
Put down the guitar, it'll never get you far"
Will i prove that I can be something
Or will I amount to nothing?
Will someone please tell me I'm worth this?
Cause all I've known is how to be worthless

Here I go, sent into the world alone
Unknowing of what my future holds
They say go ahead, follow your dreams
Just to crush your self esteem

What happened to the passion?
Have we all given up dreams for bigger paychecks?
Is hating life worth the money?
Should I sell out and become who I never wanted to be?
Track Name: Jayne
Breaking down and never restarted
Listen to the empty sound of my heartbeat
Rip me apart and throw me up
That’s what it’s like to be in love

One step closer and I will fall
Back into the depths I came from
You pulled me out then pushed me back in
Leaving me nothing but my sins

Look into my eyes and you’ll see the reflection of the one who started this
Track Name: Escape From Today
The day we met I never dreamt it would come to this
I was broken down, I was all torn up
But so were you, it just worked
Somethimes things have to end for this to begin

Let’s live this night like it’s our last
Please don’t leave, sing me to sleep
Let’s stay right here in my car
Staring at the city lights below

I’m stuck at work, you’re in my mind
You know you’re stuck there all the time
Let’s get in the car and drive away
Please be my escape from today
Track Name: Trapped Under Your Waves
You trapped me under your waves
I tried to swim away
But you pulled my by your current
And didn't let go til I was drowning

When we met you were the ocean
Beautiful and mytserious

Then you trapped me under your waves
I tried to swim away
But you pulled me by your current
And didn't let go til I was drowning

After I found what what lay beneath
I tried to swim ashore but instead you kept me
Track Name: 210
Six feet underneath
The lies that buried me
Trying to change so desperately
But no one is listening

I’ve been trying to right all my wrongs
Here’s my apology in the words of this song
I can’t bring myself to talk to you after everything I put you through
So please just forget my name
And let me live with all the pain
Track Name: Slow Burn
You’re the gun to my head
The knife to my neck
You’ll be the coffin I’m buried in
But I promise this isn’t the end

You’ve been killing me since the day we met
Love’s a one way street, you’re living proof of that
I give my all to you, but you never give it back
You swear you feel the same, but you just play the game

You’re the gun to my head
The knife to my neck
You’ll be the coffin I’m buried in
But I promise this isn’t the end

You’re the drug I need, but you sent me to rehab
I may be two months clean, I can’t afford to relapse
Now it’s time to leave our memories behind
And ignore your words, saying without me you’d die

You’re the gun to my head
The knife to my neck
You’ll be the coffin I’m buried in
I swear this time’s the end

You were the gun to my head
The knife to my neck
You’re the coffin I was buried in
You finally ended me
Track Name: Perfect Life
Pretend you’re happy but we all know
This life that you live is a life that you hate
You used to have dreams. You used to have hope.
Now you’re just a shell that has given up

You sold out and lost yourself
Gave up on your dreams and became someone else

We all still miss the things that you used to be
Back in the days when you had time for me
Your life is a joke, you can’t stand yourself
But you create this facade that you don’t need help
And when you OD, please don’t come to me
Too little, too late, you always passed the blame

Rest in peace to the best thing that you ever had, but now you’ve lost
Cause you lost yourself, lost all you loved and now live alone in your “perfect life”
Track Name: Out Here With Me
Take I-10 down to the 17
To see you this time not in my dreams
I’ve missed you, dear, more than you know
Since the last time I had to let you go

I waited two months to see you smile
So I’m staying her for a liftle while
At least
Lie with me staring up at stars
Let me hold you and feel your heart

Just a day that should not end
Stay with me hand in hand
And never leave
Because last time it killed me
Watching you walk away was the hardest thing

This separation anxiety kills me every day
When all I want is to see your face and make belive it’s all okay
I never wanna watch you walk away, so please just move out here with me
Track Name: Empty Threats and Loaded Guns
As I stand here staring at the ocean
I see the ruins of the bridge
Once full of life and happiness
It’s now where our past lays to rest

An apology doesn’t mean you’re sorry
It’ll never wipe my memory
full of lies and empty words
And years of blind hate

We try so hard to forget our past
But it's not so easy living with holes in our chests
And scars right across our hearts
That never let us forget never go back to the start

Finally cut the rope
Tethering me to you
You always shot me
This time I shot myself
I am bleeding out
All of our shared blood
And become the man
You always feared I'd be